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Aurora Mega Liposomal C

Aurora Mega Liposomal C

Aurora Mega Liposomal Vitamin C
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AURORA has a unique patented multi-stage process to produce a high quality liposomal vitamin C. All Aurora products are manufactured with strict quality control and to the highest standards.

Now completely free of citric acid!

Each dose of Aurora vitamin C consists of millions of microscopic bubbles (liposomes) filled with vitamin C. Each bubble (liposome) is surrounded by protective, bodily phospholipids (non-GMO lecithin) and, through the digestive system, passes into the intestine and into the body. The absorption of this Vitamin C is comparable to vitamin C injected and contains as much as 2 grams. Common vitamin C is not absorbed in these high doses.

The maltodextrin / dextrose is organic and is a form of fermented sugar. It is done according to a patented process for use as a preservation. This means that no unnatural preservatives need to be used. 1% of this is added to the product. The sugar content is about 0%

Steviol glycosides used are prepared by using only water and alcohol (ethanol). During the drying process, these disappear completely. No benzene, no artificial or other chemicals are used anywhere in the process.

Country of origin: Canada
Dosages: 48
Form: Liposomal / Liquid
Recommended daily dosage: 2 teaspoons (10 ml)
Vegan: Yes
Storage: Stored in refrigerator after opening


Nutritional content per doseAmount RDI %
Vitamin C2000 mg2500
Phospholipids800 mg-


Distilled water, sodium ascorbate, ascorbic acid, phospholipids (non-GMO soy lecithin), aroma (natural orange flavor), preservatives <1% (organic maltodextrin, organic dextrose), sweeteners (steviol glycosides).


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