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Bättre Hälsa MCT Powder 300 g

Bättre Hälsa MCT Powder 300 g

Bättre Hälsa
Bättre Hälsa MCT powder 300 grams.
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MCT powder is a powdered form of MCT oil which provides a quick release of energy from fat rather than from sugar. Wake up faster by mixing it in the coffee. MCT powder helps you burn fat as energy instead of sugar, great for you on a keto diet.

Ketones formed by fat and MCT powder can increase the efficiency of production. All forms of MCT can be laid in coffee but MCT powder mixes more easily and gives a fantastic creamy taste, so it is great if you want to replace milk. It also gives a very neutral texture. It is also easy to bake with.
Zooki MCT powder contains 85% MCT oil C8 and C10 in 3: 1 ratio.
Form: Powder
Package: 300 grams
Portions: 30 st
Recommended daily dosage: 2 scoops (10 grams)
Vegan: No, vegeterian (milk)
Storage: Store dry and cool, away from direct sunlight.


Nutritional valueper 100 gramsper 10 grams (portion) 
Energy676 kcal / 2827 kJ68 kcal / 283 kJ
Fat75 grams7,5 grams
of which saturated fat75 grams7,5 grams
Carbohydrates1 grams0,1 grams
of which sugars0,4 grams0,04 grams
Protein5,5 grams0,55 grams
Salt<0,01 grams<0,01 grams


MCT Oil (from coconut oil), soluble corn fiber, sodium caseinate (from milk), sunflower lecithin, lump preventative (silica).

Contains milk derivatives, from coconut.






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