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Tub with Närokällan Birch Sugar
Tub with Närokällan Birch Sugar

Närokällan Birch sugar

Närokällan f.d Bättre Hälsa
Our Birch Sugar is now taken from the deciduous forest in Lappland in Sweden. Birch sugar (xylitol) is made of 100% pure xylitol crystals.

Xylo is Greek for trees. Xylitol is made from plants, vegetables and trees. Xylitol is
endogenous and the body produces itself several grams of xylitol everyday.
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Birch sugar is about as sweet and has the same consistency as sugar and without a different flavor, but has 40% fewer calories than sugar.

Birch sugar does not need insulin for its turnover, making it an excellent choice for diabetics, or anyone who wants to limit their intake of refined sugar.

Can be used as regular sugar for most things except for pastries that require yeast or to make hard caramels.

Unlike sugar, bacteria that cause caries can not use birch sugar as nutrition and no acid attack on the teeth will occur.

Birch sugar is basifying.

Birch sugar is not suitable for pet metabolism as it is different and they can not break down birch sugar.


The sweet, tasty and useful birch saw has been used since ancient times in the Nordic countries. Even today, in some countries in the east, you can buy beer in a bottle. The birch is not damaged by dropping on the saw. A birch can contain 800-1000 liters of sawn, usually drops 20-30 liters per birch. Today, xylitol is also produced from other trees and vegetables.

Package: 750 grams
Vegan: Yes
Storage: Dry in room temperature
Allergens: May contain traces of whey (milk)


Nutritional value per 100 gram
Energy1004 kJ/240 kcal
Fat0 g
   saturated fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 100 g
   sugar 0 g
   polyols 100 g
Protein 0 g
Salt 0 g

Ingredients: Birch sugar.

May contain traces of whey (milk).


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