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CalMag capsules

CalMag capsules

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Cal-mag capsules 100 capsules
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Calcium and magnesium in the right proportions 2:1.

Calcium and magnesium are used by the muscles for contraction and relaxation. Very good minerals to build strong bones in adults and children.

Magnesium helps with:

- Reducing the fatigue and exhaustion

- Normally functioning nervous system

- Normal psychological function

- Normal muscle function  

- Healthy bones and teeth  

- Electrolyte  

- Protein synthesis  

- Proliferation

The capsules are completely unique and are made of tapioca that comes from the cassava. This is gentle for the digestive system and breaks down quickly in the stomach. Simply a cleaner product for you!


Dosages: 30
Filling: No filling
Form: Capsule
Recommended daily dosage: 3 capsules
Vegan: Yes
Storage: Store in room temperature out of reach for children


Nutritional content per doseAmount per doseDRI%
Calcium420 mg53%
Magnesium210 mg56%


Calcium phosphate, magnesium citrate, vegetable capsules made from tapioka.


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