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Calmag Sport 1:1 3-pack in the group Supplements / Minerals / Calcium at (755)
Calmag Sport 1:1 3-pack

Calmag Sport 1:1 3-pack

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Calmag Sport 1:1 in pair of three. Save 75:- SEK.

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Calmag Sport 1:1 in pair of three. Save 75:- SEK.

Calcium and magnesium are used by the muscles for tension as well as relaxation. Here are the amounts of calcium like magnesium. Very good means for building up bones in adults and children. Calcium and magnesium are absorbed more easily if it is in a weak acid base (5%), therefore there are ascorbic and malic acids.


1. Pour 1 tablespoon of CalMag Sport into a glass.

2. Fill approximately half with boiling water while switching to clear liquid. Fill with more boiling water if necessary.

3. Cool or fill the rest with cold water or juice. You can also add in a tea bag with, for example, Chamomile to the evening.

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150 grams

Recommended dosage

1 tablespoon


Store at room temperature out of reach of children.


Nutritional content per doseAmountRDI %
Calcium 300 mg40
Magnesium 300 mg80 
Vitamin C250 mg312


Calcium gluconate, magnesium carbonate, calcium ascorbate, magnesium sorbate, acidity regulating agent (malic acid), flavor (unsweetened lemon powder).


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