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Bottle with Cellfood
Bottle with Cellfood

Cellfood Drops

Dissolved oxygen, enzymes, minerals, amino acids in a concentrated drip bottle. 34 metabolic enzymes, 78 ionized minerals, 17 amino acids, and oxygen.

The time-delayed excretion enables the effect lasts for several days. Cellfood is made only out of the finest plant substances. A batch takes nine months to make. A truly unique product.

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The power of oxygen and 129 other important nutrients in a small drop bottle that you can carry wherever you go.

  • Completely non-toxic
  • No heavy metals
  • Completely vegetarian / vegan
  • Time-delayed secretion
  • No yeast no gluten
  • Efficiency of other nutrients
  • Deliver nutrients in ionic form

Cellfood is a unique time-delayed formula with dissolved oxygen, 78 trace minerals (non-heavy metals), 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids, plus electrolytes and contains an exceptional cell-oxygenating process that also neutralizes free radicals and detoxifies the cell while providing the cell with nutrition as It has so long been waiting for.

Only Cellfood is capable of keeping all of these nutrients in an aqueous solution and delivering them to every single cell in the body. Its unique time delay gives effect for several days.

It contains only the absolute best natural raw materials from Antarctica's clean waters, nutritious minerals and plant substances from pristine fossil plants that are treated extremely gently in a process that takes over nine months. Cell food increases the bioavailability of other nutrients in the body.

Cellfood is compact, comfortable and easy to bring. It can be worn in your pocket, briefcase or handbag wherever you go. Unique oxygenation process.

When Cellfood is mixed with water, the water molecules are split and create fresh oxygen and necessary hydrogen to strengthen the cell walls. The acid is negative charge (O-) and also connects with the free harmful oxygen molecules that are positively charged (O +) to form O2 and supply the cell with essential oxygen.

The free harmful oxygen molecules that are now neutralized are considered to be the primary cause of aging. Cellfood therefore does not create any new free radicals which other acid products can do.

Free radicals are positively charged oxygen atoms. When the oxygen produced by Cellfood is positively charged, they look up the negatively charged oxygen atoms and neutralize them with which stable acid is formed.

Time-delayed effect The protective time-delayed effect reaches its peak after 8-12 hours and can last up to three days. The process continues until the cells reach their need for oxygen - and no longer.

The other nutrients are delivered simultaneously to all the cells of the body. However, the absorption of Cellfood into the blood occurs immediately through the mucous membranes of the mouth, the esophagus, the stomach and the small intestine.

Basically when the blood and lymph is colloidal and negatively charged - just like Cellfood - a natural interaction occurs when the nutrients are released. However, cell-food, which is di-polar, also works at plus polarity. Cell food works at all pH values ​​and if the body has a low pH (most likely), Cellfood helps to make the body basic.

Detoxification Only when the cell gets enough oxygen and hydrogen, it gets the opportunity to get rid of the toxins accumulated over the years. Then it will be able to pick up the 129 new nutrients. All nutrients in Cellfood are in colloidal and ionic form.

(Ionic: Negatively charged, which means they are considered to be body segments. Colloidal: Extremely small particles.) The trace minerals fill an important need as today's fruits and vegetables only have a few of the 70 minerals found in the soil before they became depleted in In connection with fertilization.

Cell food contains no heavy metals. The minerals make the body basic. The acid in the atmosphere has also been depleted by environmental degradation to the extent that today it is only 21% against 38-50% 50-75 years ago. Our bodies are not made to breathe air with 21 percent oxygen.

Enzymes help build the body of protein, carbohydrates and fat, as well as breaking down nutrition for nutrients we can absorb. Amino acids are used by the body to build the specific proteins we need.


Nutritional content per doseAmount per dose
Lithomamnium Calcareum326 mg


Purified water, Lithomamnium Calcareum


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