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Bag with Celtic Makai Deep Sea Salt 227 g
Bag with Celtic Makai Deep Sea Salt 227 g

Celtic Makai Deep Sea Salt

Makai Deep Sea Salt® is among the cleanest sea salt in the world.

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Makai Deep Sea Salt® is probably the cleanest sea salt in the world and most likely the best salt. The Makai salt is taken from 600 meters below sea level through sustainable methods of harvesting. This delicious mineral-rich sea salt contains high levels of magnesium, calcium and potassium and a variety of trace elements missing on the surface of the sea, five times more than Himalayan salt. It contains 33% less sodium chloride than regular table salt and has a pH of 10.2.

The salt is taken from areas with deep underwater currents that move very slowly and it rarely reaches the surface. On the way it comes into contact with various mineral and volcanic rocks, which makes it saturated with minerals.

The deep sea water is well below the turbulent mix of the ocean. At this depth the water is much cooler and much more saturated with minerals. It is unaffected by man and our pollution.

So how does this water transform into salt crystals?

At a depth of 670 meters below sea level, a long pipeline of over 2000 meters and 1 meter diameter is needed to get the water on land.

Subsequently, the sea water is discharged into the enclosed salthus and may be wiped naturally by means of solar heat. The harvesting method is completely free from mechanical and chemical bleaching. The Makai Deep Sea Salt ™ crystals are hand harvested, inspected and cleaned by hand, actually with tweezers, to the exact standard.

Slow evaporation using the strong sun gives ideal conditions for the characteristic, pure white Maki crystals to be formed. Carefully pour into wooden molds where residual moisture is drained from the salt.

The salt is packed by hand. Automation is too complicated and risky because salt is cutting on almost all metals. It would jeopardize the quality, so packaging by hand is the only option. Shelf life is important for Selina Naturally. By adhering to the principle of handmade quality, the company also insures employment for its staff.

Makai Deep Sea Salt ™ contains 33% less sodium than table salt, 23.10% trace minerals and only a quarter of teaspoon gives 2% RDI of both magnesium and calcium.

The taste of the Makai salt is unprecedented. The trained palate feels a soft and delicate taste with a touch of sweetness, not at all like the bitter table salt.

Thanks to its high levels of calcium, magnesium and potassium, Makai salt is amazing as electrolyte salt. Thanks to its high pH and concentration of minerals, it can also help the body to become more basic, which is important in today's society when many are exposed to acidifying factors such as stress, environmental hazards and fast food.

  • Available as Makai Deep Sea Salt Bag 227 grams
  • Also available as Makai Deep Sea Salt Grinder 60 grams
Form: Crystals
Package: 227 g or 60 g mill
Vegan: Yes


Ingredients: Unrefined sea salt from Hawaii.



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