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Bag with Dense Bone Broth
Bag with Dense Bone Broth

Dense Bone Broth 500 g

Bone broth powder from grass-fed animals - 95% protein for a natural source of nutrition.
Article nr: 2006
4269 kr
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This bone broth powder is made from grass-fed animals, it is natural and high quality and contains a whopping 95% protein. Perfect for those who are looking for a healthy and allergen-free alternative to protein and want to get more collagen. This bone broth powder is from grass-grazing animals in Sweden, which means a sustainable and ethical source of protein.

The bone broth powder contains a full 95% protein, which helps you reach your daily protein needs. The protein in bone broth contributes to preserving and increasing muscle mass and maintaining normal bones. In addition to protein, this powder contains all the nutrients naturally found in bones, but basically no carbohydrates.

Easy to use: The bone broth powder is a flexible protein powder that can be easily mixed into smoothies, juice or water. You can also add it to soups, stews and baking to increase the protein content of your favorite recipes.

Usage: Mix a portion (equivalent to 15 g) of the bone broth powder with 250 ml of liquid or add it to your favorite recipes.
Form: Powder
Package: 500 gram
Portions: 33
Flavor: Unflavoured
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.


Nutritional value Per 100 gramPer portion (15 gram)
   saturated fat0.8g0.1g

Ingredienser: Broth powder from cattle*.

*from Swedish grass-fed cattle.


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