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Dr. Mercola Iodine
Dr. Mercola Iodine

Dr. Mercola Iodine

Dr. Mercola's Iodine. 30 capsules.
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Iodine deficiency is a widespread health problem in 47 countries worldwide despite the introduction of iodine salting.

A sufficient intake of iodine is necessary to form thyroid hormone and a low intake results in the development of hypothyroidism and struma. During pregnancy, iodine need increases and impaired production of thyroid hormones during pregnancy affects the child's growth and brain development. Severe iodine deficiency results in mental retardation in the newborn as a result of the poor availability of thyroid hormones. But even moderate deficiencies have health consequences throughout their lives. Iodic deficiency in children of school age degrades growth and affects cognitive ability and motor function.

WHO believes that the elimination of iodine deficiency is the fourth most artificial measure in the struggle to increase global health.

Iodine is most prevalent in food from the sea, especially algae and also seafood and fish from the sea. Vegans are at high risk of iodine deficiency as a large part of iodine intake comes from milk and meat as cattle get iodine-rich feed. Schools and restaurants often use non-iodinated salt and iodine is also not added in whole and semi-finished products. The new trend of fling salt has also increased the iodine deficiency as it is usually not iodinated.

Risks of low iodine valuesDetails
Few foods are rich in iodine
  • Iodine is a relatively unusual mineral that is present in limited amounts in some foods.
Exposure to iodine antagonists
  • This is a major contributing factor to why we have low iodine values. See below about the antagonists.
Grounded soils
  • Pollution of soil with pesticides and chemical fertilizers can eradicate the soil on iodine.Mountainous areas generally have lower levels of iodine in the soil.
Flourished water
  • Flour is an antagonist of iodine, which means it inhibits absorption. Flour is often added in water when cleansed.
Vegetarian diet
  • If you are a vegetarian, there is a risk that you get too little iodine because of the diet.Especially if the soils are depleted.

The greatest risk of iodine deficiency is created by iodine antagonists that we are exposed to daily:

Bromine - Widely used in pesticides, soft drinks (lemon and orange flavored), in swimming pools, perfumes and medicines

Chlorine - Used to bleach flour and added to our drinking water. Increased values ​​(above the limit) have shown in a survey in 55 of Sweden's municipalities.

Flour - In a survey conducted in 2000 in Sweden showed 95 water distributed in 59 municipalities flouridhalter that is higher than the threshold laid!

Goitrogener - Goitrogener found naturally in soy, cabbage, kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, turnips, arugula, cress, radish, mustard, pak choi, millet, spinach, peaches, strawberries and peanuts. Goitrogens are an antineutrient strongly inhibiting the absorption of iodine.

Dr. Mercolas jodtillskott encapsulated in lipcaps, which is a patented enkapsuleringsmetod that makes raw material are locked into the capsule and remains completely stable.

Iodine should not be taken by people suffering from overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) without consulting your doctor.

Recommended daily dosage: 1 capsule
Storage: Store in room temperature out of reach for children


Nutritional valueAmount per capsuleRDI %
Iodine1500 mcg1000


Glycerin, potassium iodine, tablet release agent (silica), vegetable capsule (cellulose).


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