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Dr. Mercola Personal Air Purifier

Dr. Mercola Personal Air Purifier

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One of the biggest things that many fear for public transport is to breathe old or "recycled" dirty air. Imagine being able to sit down with your own 1 meter bubble of fresh, clear air. That's exactly what the ClearAir Personal Air Purifier Portable can do for you.

By emitting electrically charged molecules, or atoms called ions, the ions transfer their charge to particles in the dirty air which then repel them from your airspace. The result is an "exclusion zone" of fresh, clear air - about 1 meter in a sphere around your head so you can breathe air that is cleared of atomically small and large pollutants. Made by one of the most respected leaders in the environmental cleaning industry, ClearAir Personal Air Purifier has received four US patents and has undergone validation tests at leading universities and research facilities.

Dozens of double-blind, published articles confirms ClearAir Personal Air Purifier as a leader in personal air purification technology. What sets this unique device apart from the competition is its exclusive patented ionization technology that creates an "ion wind" of potent purification ions without the use of a fan or mechanical fan. With the highest ionic wind power and the smallest unit size for any personal air purifier, it is three times more powerful than other cleaners on clearing the air of contaminants. Lightweight (weighs a little more than 60 g.) included necklace or extra clip.

It is especially useful for pets. In addition, it will even be ready to use with its own rechargeable lithium battery. Create your own fresh, clear air wherever you are and order your own ClearAir Personal Air Purifier today.

Battery: Rechargeable Lithium
Battery Life: 28 hours (after 5 hours of charging)
Dimension : 5 x 7.5 x 2 cmWeight: 62 g
Indensity: 5 million ions / cc
Ozone emissions: Less than 0.3 ppm



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