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Bottle with Dr. Mercola Ubiquinol 200 mg
Bottle with Dr. Mercola Ubiquinol 200 mg

Dr. Mercola Ubiquinol 200 mg 30 kapslar

Ubiquinol from Dr.Mercola in a 30-dose package.

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Ubiquinol is a reduced active form of CoQ10. This is a fat-soluble substance that is needed for mitochondria. If you are under 30, a regular form of CoQ10 is good, but as you age, your body becomes more difficult to metabolize and therefore pure Ubiquinol is needed.

Dr. Mercola Ubiquinol uses Kaneka Ubiquinol as active ingredient - the only genuine, patented form of Ubiquinol, which is carefully developed to withstand oxidation.

It is manufactured in an exclusive manufacturing process and undergoes biological fermentation to create a high quality product that is stable and has a high absorption.

This Ubiquinol is packed in hard capsules instead of soft to better protect it against oxidation.

Capsule: Gelatine capsule (fish)
Dosages: 30
Form: Hard gel capsule
Recommended daily dosage: 1 capsule
Vegan: No
Storage: Store in room temperature out of reach for children


Nutritional contentPer dose
Ubiquinol200 mg


D-limonene, ubiquinol, medium chain triglycerides, capsule (fishgelatin from tilapia)


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