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Brain Octane GoPack 15 portions
210 kr (249 kr)
Brain Octane Oil

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Brain Octane is the main ingredient of Bulletproof Coffee. Thi...
From 265 kr (From 319 kr)
Bulletproof Coffee Decaf
Bulletproof Coffee in a Caffeine-Free Version.
139 kr (189 kr)
Bulletproof Luminate Coffee Light Roasted
Bulletproof Luminate Coffee.
139 kr (189 kr)
Bättre Hälsa C8 MCT Oil
Bättre Hälsa MCT-oil 500 mL.
289 kr
Bättre Hälsa MCT Powder 300 g
Bättre Hälsa MCT powder 300 grams.
295 kr
Bättre Hälsa Organic MCT Oil
250 kr (295 kr)