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Brain Octane oil 90 ml
Brain Octane in a small, flexible travel package. It is small enough to be allowed in the cabin ba...
69 kr
Brain Octane Oil
Brain Octane is the main ingredient of Bulletproof Coffee. This is a pure extract of coconut oil w...
From 295 kr
Bulletproof Coffee Decaf
Bulletproof Coffee in a Caffeine-Free Version.
189 kr
Bulletproof Luminate Coffee Light Roasted
Bulletproof Luminate Coffee.
189 kr
Bulletproof Original Coffee
Bulletproof Original coffee is available in whole beans and as ground coffee.This is the coffee us...
189 kr
Bättre Hälsa C8 MCT Oil
Bättre Hälsa MCT-oil 500 mL.
289 kr
Bättre Hälsa MCT Powder 300 g
Bättre Hälsa MCT powder 300 grams.
295 kr
349 kr
XCT is a special MCT oil. It is made entirely without lauric acid, which is more difficult to melt...
From 195 kr
Zooki C8 MCT Olja
Zooki MCT-oil 500 mL.
289 kr