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Tub with Närokällan Broccoli Sprouts 100 g Organic
Tub with Närokällan Broccoli Sprouts 100 g Organic

Närokällan Broccoli sprouts 100 g Organic

Article nr: 1978
3734 kr
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Organic: Yes
Form: Powder
Package: 100g
Vegan: Yes
Storage: Dry in room temperature
Allergens: May contain traces of whey (milk)


Nutritional value per 100 gram
Energy2289 kJ/547 kcal
Fat35 g
   saturated fat11 g
Carbohydrates 5 g
   sugar 1 g
Protein 31 g
Fiber 16 g
Salt 659 mg
Vitamin C87 mg 109 %*
Sulforaphane1500 mg
Glucosinolates3300 mg
Glucoraphanin3300 mg

Ingredients: Organic broccoli sprout powder.

May contain traces of whey (milk).

*% of daily reference intake


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