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Bag with Närokällan Ceylon Cinnamon
Bag with Närokällan Ceylon Cinnamon

Närokällan Ceylonkanel 150 g EKO

Närokällan f.d Bättre Hälsa
Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
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Our Organic Cinnamon Powder is the botanical variety Cinnamomum zeylanicum and comes from the bark of the laurel tree. This variety of cinnamon is commonly known as Ceylon cinnamon due to its superior quality. Our Cinnamon Powder melts in the mouth and has a warm delicate flavor and sweet, spicy aromatic. It is a perfect addition to baking or to create complexity and depth in cooking. From Sri Lanka.
Form: Powder
Organic: Yes
Package: 150 g
Vegan: Yes
Storage: In room temperature
Allergens: May contain traces of whey (milk)


Nutritional value per 100 gram
Energy806 kJ/198 kcal
Fat0,5 g
   saturated fat0,2 g
Carbohydrates 8,3 g
   sugar 0 g
Fiber72 g
Protein4,3 g
Salt 0,13 g

Ingredints: Organic ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamonum zeylanicum).

May contain traces of whey (milk).



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