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Bottle with Närokällan Neurolipider
Bottle with Närokällan Neurolipider

Närokällan Neurolipider pulver 21 g

Närokällan f.d Bättre Hälsa

Liposomalised neurolipid powder preparation of animal origin. Contains phospholipids and omega acids.

Article nr: 1857
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Neurolipid powder

  • Liposomalised neurolipid preparation  
  • Neurolipids of animal origin 499 mg / dose
  • Neurolipids consist of phospholipids
  • Effective fatty compounds
  • In liposome form and microencapsulated with lactoprotein
  • Manufactured in Finland of Finnish raw materials
  • Easy to use – well-absorbed – mild taste
Dosages: 21
Package: 21 gram
Recommended daily dosage: 1 tsp (1 g)
Vegan: No
Storage: In room temperature out of reach from small children, not in direct sunlight.
Information: Supplements should not be used as an alternative to a varied diet. Recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. It’s important with a varied, balanced diet and healthy life style.


Nutritional contentAmount per dose
Animal lecithin (neurolipids)499 mg
   of which:
  Phosphatidylcholine105 mg
  Phosphatidylethanolamine (cephalin80 mg
   Sphingomyelin 10 mg
   Cerebrosides 9 mg
   Cardiolipin 9 mg
   Phosphatidylserine (phosphoserine)2 mg
   Omega-311 mg
   Omega-622 mg
   Omega-7 15 mg
   Omega-9 35 mg

Ingredients: Animal lecithin extract (neurolipid) [Finland], microfiltered lactoprotein isolate, antioxidants (ascorbic acid, alpha-tocopherol, cholecalciferol). Please note! Contains milk protein. Contains lactose <0.5 g / 100 g 


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