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Jar with Närokällan Optimum Greens
Jar with Närokällan Optimum Greens

Närokällan Optimum Greens 240 g


Optimum Greens Nutrition formula.
An advanced greens product with many nutrients.

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Optimum Greens Nutrition formula.
An advanced greens product with many nutrients.

Vegetable and fruit powders. A base-forming interaction of plant concentrates. High content of natural vitamins, flavonoids, chlorophyll and other important phytosanitary substances. You need to get at least 0.5 kilos of vegetables and fruits per day - nutritious ones. If not, you need a supplement. Optimum Greens has nutrients you can not find in regular food today.

Tastes best when mixing the powder into a smoothie or a juice.

Dosages: 30
Form: Powder
Package: 240 gram
Recommended daily dosage: 1 tablespoon (8 grams)
Storage: In room temperature out of reach from small children, not in direct sunlight.
Information: Contains licorice, people with high blood pressure should avoid excessive consumption. , Supplements should not be used as an alternative to a varied diet. Recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. It’s important with a varied, balanced diet and healthy life style. , The daily intake of epigallocatechin-3-gallate may not exceed 800mg. Should not be taken on the same day as other products containing green tea. Should not be taken during pregnancy or breast feeding, or by children under the age of 18. Should not be taken on an empty stomach.


Nutritional contentAmount per dose
Wheat grass powder1000 mg
Barley grass leaf powder1000 mg
Alfalfa herb powder1945 mg
Broccoli powder200 mg
Blueberry leaf powder200 mg
Parsley leaf powder200 mg
Spinach powder90 mg
Kale powder90 mg
Olive leaf powder90 mg
Rhubarb root extract80 mg
Citrus bioflavonoids200 mg
Apple powder250 mg
Acerola extract100 mg
Aloe vera gel extract10 mg
Quercetin2,5 mg
Pine bark extract4 mg
Grape seed extract 4 mg
Green tea extract30 mg
    of which epigallocatechin-3-gallate8 mg
Red wine extract4 mg
Grapefruit seed extract5 mg
Ginger root powder80 mg
Maitake extract35 mg
Shiitake extract35 mg
Reishi extract25 mg
Cordyceps extract5 mg
Apple pectin150 mg
Lycopene2 mg
Resveratrol10 mg
Plant enzyme powder10 mg
   Of which:
   Amylase72 DU
   Cellulase12 CU
   Protease357 HUT
   Lipase0,4 FIP
   Maltase0,4 DP
   Lactase9 ALU
   Invertase15 SU
Papain5 mg
Papaya leaf powder5 mg
Bromelain5 mg
Chlorella powder300 mg
Spirulina powder300 mg
Dulse powder100 mg
Dunaliella salina powder30 mg
FOS300 mg
Bee propolis extract 25 mg
Bee pollen powder 200 mg
Bee royal jelly powder 25 mg

Ingredients: Alfalfa herb powder, wheat grass powder, barley grass powder, naturlig flavor (licorice), chlorella powder, spirulina powder, fructooligosaccharides (FOS), apple powder, broccoli powder, blueberry leaf powder, parsley leaf powder, citrus bioflavonoids (from lemon, orange, grapefruit, lime and tangerine), bee pollen powder, maple syrup powder, apple pectin, acerola extract, dulse powder, spinach powder, kale powder, olive leaf powder, rhubarb root extract, ginger root powder, lycopene, maitake extract, shiitake extract, green tea extract, Dunaliella salina powder, reishi extract, bee propolis extract, bee royal jelly powder, resveratrol, plant enzymes (amylase, cellulase, protease, lipase, maltase, lactase, invertase), aloe vera gel extract, papain, papaya leaf powder, bromelain, grapefruit seed extract, cordyceps extract, pine bark extract, grape seed extract, red wine extract, quercetin.


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