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Tub with Närokällan Wheat Grass Juice Powder
Tub with Närokällan Wheat Grass Juice Powder

Närokällan Vetegräsjuicepulver 150 g

Wheat grass juice powder in a package of 150 grams from Närokällan.
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Here you have a wonderfully nutritious juice powder from wheat grass which has been gently dried. There are many, many times more concentrated. 

The problem with the grass itself is that the nutrients in the wheat grass are enclosed in cells and we are unable to digest the cellulose that the cell walls consist of. Wheat grass powder is a fantastic source of nutrition.

Like all plants, it also contains chlorophyll (here extra much, up to 70%), a green color pigment that is the blood of the plants, almost identical to our own blood, though it contains less iron.

If you don't eat at least half a kilo of fruits and vegetables every day, then you can replenish with any nutritious and antioxidant greens product. Wheat grass is a great complement.

The cultivation
Our emerald green wheat grass is grown in Utah, USA, on very mineral-rich soils that were originally old sea beds. Hemodibrated wheat grass will never contain as many minerals. Without minerals, vitamins cannot be used. In addition, the risk of mold has been eliminated with this method, hemodiferous can easily be affected by mold. extraction process with a maximum temperature of 40 °.

All enzymes and nutrients are then preserved. Wheatgrass contains no gluten. The juice is 20 times more nutritious in relation to the grass powder, in addition, it contains no cellulose and fibers that can cause a lot of stomach trouble.

A raw teaspoon of juice powder contains the same amount of nourishment as a whole tray (30x20 cm) with homegrown wheat grass - which, however, does not contain the same amount of minerals on long roads.

Meanwhile, it has grown long roots that suck up the nutrients far into the soil.
Preferably take wheat juice powder on an empty stomach, start a little gently and step up. The cleansing effect can be marked otherwise.

Form: Powder
Vegan: Yes
Storage: Room temperature
Allergens: May contain traces of whey (milk). , Packaged in facilities that also handle tree nuts.


Nutritional value per 100 gram 
Energy1 256 kJ/300 kcal
Fat1 g
   saturated fat0 g
Carbohydrates 21 g
   sugar 20 g
Fiber 4 g
Protein 30 g
Salt 2,1 g
Potassium 4600 mg 230%*
Vitamin K 3325 mcg 4433%*

Ingredients: Wheat grass juice powder.

May contain traces of whey (milk). Packaged in facilities that also handle tree nuts.

* % of reference intake




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