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Probioform for your stomach in a bag in box of 2 liters.
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Most of today's health problems originate from the intestine. Modern dietary acidifies, which is bad for the environment of the bowel's good bacteria. Additionally, there are stresses and environmental factors that significantly reduce our good bacterial flora. Today's diet is often rich in sugar and additives, and it contains too little microbes and fibers to support our gastrointestinal function.

We lose a lot of the food's natural and useful bacterial cultures due to cultivation methods, heating, refining and radiation of goods. Lactic acid bacteria, other microbes and yeast fungi that we previously received through our food are intended to help with the digestion of the food and to form important nutrients in the intestine. Today, our intestines often have a lack of good bacterias.

Probiform contains a unique mixture of microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria and enzymes.

Probiform is in a practical bag-in-box of 2 liters and lasts about 2 months in normal consumption.

It contains live microbes.

Begin cautiously, may seem laxative. It can be diluted in lukewarm water 20-37 degrees. May be taken on an empty stomach or at mealtime. Shake well before use.

In salads or if you fear that food or water is contaminated with, for example, microbes or chemicals.

For drinking water
1-5 ml per liter of water.

External use
On damaged skin and in certain skin problems.

Dosages: 133
Form: Liquid in bag-in-box
Recommended daily dosage: 15 ml
Storage: Store in room temperature, not over 35 degrees and not below 0 degrees. Avoid direct sunlight. Keep away from children.



Water, Rudis Saccharo Molasses, L Plantarum, L Casei, L Bulugaricus, L Fermentum, Enzymes, Saccharmomyces Cervisiae.

Contains at least 10,000 CFU / ml at the time of the vintage.


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