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Q10 200 mg +Selen + E Green Line

Q10 200 mg +Selen + E Green Line

Bättre Hälsa
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The production of Q10 is reduced with age, and is thus extra important as one gets older. The largest concentration of Q10 is in the heart (the body's most energetic muscle).
Capsule: Pullulan
Dosages: 60
Form: Capsule
Recommended daily dosage: 1 capsule with food
Vegan: Yes
Storage: Store in room temperature out of reach for children


Nutritional content per doseAmount per doseDRI %
Q10200 mg-
Selenium200 mcg363
Vitamin E60 mg500


Rape seed oil encapsulated, Coenzyme Q10, D-alpha tocopherol, Sodium selenite, Vegetable capsules of cellulose.


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