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Tub with Sunwarrior Beauty Greens Collagen Booster Piña Colada
Tub with Sunwarrior Beauty Greens Collagen Booster Piña Colada

Beauty Greens Collagen Booster Piña Colada

Beauty Greens Collagen Booster with Biotin and Hyaluronic Acid.
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4590 kr
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They say beauty is only skin deep, but Sunwarrior has taken beauty deeper, to every cell. 
Sunwarrior's Beauty Greens Collagen Booster will help you with healthy skin and hair and strong nails.

Each serving contains a mix of Wheatgrass, kale and moringa. Sunwarrior's Beauty Greens Collagen Booster with Biotin and Hyaluronic Acid will help you alkalize, hydrate, and strengthen your cells from the inside out while boosting your body's collagen production. Beautiful is more than looking great; Beautiful is feeling great!

Flavor: Piña colada
Form: Powder
Portions: 25
Vegan: Yes
Storage: Dry in room temperature. Keep out of direct sunlight and heat.
Allergens: Produced in facilities that may also produce products that contain tree nuts and peanuts.


Näringsvärdeper 12 gramper 100 gram
Energy 188 kJ/45 kcal1 570 kJ /375 kcal
Fat0 g     0 g
     saturated fat 0 g0 g
Carbohydrates 9 g     75 g
    sugar     1 g8 g
Fiber 1 g8 g
Protein 1 g8 g
Salt        150 mg1,2 g
Hyaluronic acid100 mg833 mg
Silica45 mg375 mg
Vitamin C111 mg (139% DRI)925 mg
Biotin30 mcg250 mcg

Ingredients: Coconut water, flavor (piña colada), wheat grass juice, greens blend (kale leaf, spinach leaf, whole spirulina), moringa oleifera leaf, sea buckthorn berries, tremella mushroom extract, dehydrated lemon juice (lemon juice, rice dextrin, acacia fiber), amla fruit extract, hyaluronic acid, bamboo stem or leaf extract, vegetable blend (broccoli sprouts, onion extract, tomato, broccoli, carrot, spinach,  kale, brussel sprout), sweetener (steviolglycosides), bacteria blend (L-acidophilus, L-plantarum, L-casei, L-rhamnosus, B-lactis, L-salivarius, B-bifidum), holy basil leaf extract, sunflower oil. 

This product is manufactured in a facility that may also manufacture products containing peanuts or tree nuts.  


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