Vitamin E |
What is vitamin E, why do we need it?
Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that protects the cells against free radicals ("harmful substances") in the body. Natural vitamin E is considered to be good for the skin. Among other things, the skin makes elastic and prevents wrinkles and protects the skin against the sun's UV rays. Vitamin E also improves the oxygen supply of the muscles, is good for the red blood cells, counteracts inflammation and infections and is needed for intestinal function.
E-Vitamin 200IE Green Line
Vitamin E in Bättre Hälsa's Green Line series without additives.
2734 kr
Nutrisorb® Vitamin E (Liquid Vitamin E) 15ml
Liquid vitamin E in a simple olive oil base to protect cells from oxidative stress.
1362 kr
Selenium + Vitamin E Green Line
Selenium + Vitamin E Green Line 90 capsules
1264 kr