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TrueLight ™ Energy plate from TrueDark®
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Restore your muscles. Strengthen your cellular health. Reduce visible sun damage and dark spots with the most advanced LED light therapy.

TrueLight ™ from TrueDark® uses cutting-edge LED technology to safely and effectively stimulate cell healing, muscle recovery and collagen production. At the same time it reduces visible wrinkles and fine lines, improves radiance, elasticity and makes your skin firmer. TrueLight uses a unique method of wavelengths including red, dark red, yellow and infrared light without any UV light.

TrueLight also has settings for fixed or pulsed light. TrueLight only needs to be used for 20-30 minutes a day, a few days a week to give its beneficial effect. Light therapy is a groundbreaking technology first used by NASA and later used by clinicians to support the skin's natural healing process.

Infrared wavelengths penetrate the skin and stimulate the natural processes in the body to increase collagen production, reduce inflammation, increase cellular energy and improve skin tone and texture.



Red light therapy works from the inside out by improving the function of the mitochondria in the cells. This in turn leads to several benefits for the skin. Red light can help the body reduce skin inflammation, make the skin smoother, repair sun damage, reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks and also build up collagen in the skin, which can reduce wrinkles and help heal damage. Red light affects the body's cells on a biochemical level and penetrates 8-10 millimeters into the skin.

The following benefits can be obtained:

Increased muscle recoveryImproved blood circulation
Increased collagen productionImproved blood circulation
Reduce scars, wrinkles, fine lines
Anti-inflammatory effects

Near infrared (NIR) (a wavelength of 850nm or 880nm) penetrates deeper into the skin and bones. How deeply lasts around the body and depending on the pigment.

Near infrared light has been used in therapeutic devices to assist in the treatment of injuries. NIR light penetrates deeper than UV and visible light and is beneficial for living tissue. Very little heat is generated from the LED lights and therefore there is no risk of heat damage to those being treated. LED is well tolerated by biological tissue and has no known adverse effects.

Researchers who worked with NASA have found that NIR LED works by activating color-sensitive chemicals in the body tissue and stimulating the mitochondria. Light wavelengths between 680nm and 880nm have been shown to travel through skin and muscle tissue to support skin and deep wound healing.

Yellow light goes very superficially on the skin and can be effective against skin problems that include redness such as superficial blood vessels and rosacea.

Although not normally used for tissue healing or collagen / elastin production, yellow light can help with problems from sun damage. It is often considered ideal as a soothing therapy for sensitive skin. Yellow light therapy is sometimes called "amber light therapy". It contains wavelengths from 570nm to 620nm.

This device concentrates specifically on the wavelength of 580nm which is ideal for stimulating cell movement on the top layer of the skin.

- Drug-free alternative for skin redness and flushing
- Skin irritationReduces rosacea
- UV damage
- Reduces visible blood vessels on nose and face
- Helps to clear waste from the skinIncreases lymph flow
- Increases cellular growth

The True Light energy plate contains a unique function that allows you to choose whether the light should pulsate or shine steadily. It has been concluded that when LED light pulsates, the body's tissue can heal faster. When the cell receives a continuous light, it can be anesthetized. When the LED light is pulsed, the cell is stimulated to produce more protein than normal and as a result heals the cell faster. The cell also continues the healing process even when the light is turned off. 

The size of the energy plate is 30x30 cm 


The energy plate is developed for the user's health and therefore the EMF radiation is basically non-existent. * Because the Energy Plate is a patented device, they can not reveal the exact energy density. However, they can reveal that it is within the ideal range of 10 mw / cm2 when used at 10-15 cm intervals.




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