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TrueDark Junk Light Dots

TrueDark Junk Light Dots

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Junk Light Dots

Reusable stickers that filter or block junk light from small artificial light sources.

Modern day electronics, from your stove, to smoke alarms, to your TV, all have indicator lights or small displays. However, they’re also small sources of junk light that disrupt the sleep/wake signals sent to your brain; impacting your sleep, your mood, and your growth hormones. The old-school way to handle blocking out these sources of junk light was to use something like black electrical tape that covered displays that you need to see, looked ugly and left a sticky mess when removed.

TrueDark™ Junk Light Dots are reusable and designed to block the harmful light frequencies that impact your biology, while keeping display visible. They come in conveniently shaped round dots in 2 sizes that cover most light emitting buttons (such as the one on your TV or wireless router), as well as small squares and rectangles for things like the digital display on your stove and microwave.

Each TrueDark™ Junk Light Dots package includes:

  • Six 5 x 7 in. sheets of dots and squares:
  • 4 sheets of red stickers perfect for reducing the intensity of very bright LED lights
  • 1 sheet of solid black stickers/squares for use when blocking all light
  • 1 sheet of white stickers/squares for use when reducing the brightness of red lights

  Each sheet contains:

  • Small dots (about the size of the circumference of a AAA battery)
  • Medium dots (about the size o
    •  the circumference of a US nickel coin)
    • Rectangles and squares that fit most US kitchen appliances and alarm clocks

    Red Dots 
    Are perfect for displays in rooms where you sleep to further reduce the intensity of very bright LED lights but still see the display by only allowing the red light. These are similar to how Twilights filter all but the red wavelengths on light so that your circadian rhythm isn’t disrupted.

    Black Dots
    Perfect in rooms where you sleep by blocking out all light to help achieve total darkness and optimal sleep conditions.

    White Dots
    Sometimes, even red lights are just too red. Use white dots to reduce the brightness of red lights at night.

    Important Note – TrueDark™ Junk Light Dots aren’t fireproof or heat proof. They are made for use over LED lights that don’t get hot. Do not use Dots on halogen or other lights that get warm to the touch. Do not use near open flame. Test Dots to be sure they don’t get too warm before leaving the Dots affixed for a long period of time.



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