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TrueLight Luna Red Portable Nightlight
TrueLight Luna Red Portable Nightlight
TrueLight Luna Red Portable Nightlight

TrueLight Luna Red Portable Nightlight


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TrueLight Luna Red® portable nightlight features motion and dusk-to-dawn sensors which automatically shut off with the presence of light.
Ideal for travel and at home.
  • Emits non-sleep disrupting red light (100% blue light-free) 
  • Rechargeable and portable (includes USB charging cable; recharges in 3 hours)
  • Strong and lightweight construction
  • Dual sensors:  dusk ‘til dawn and motion sensing
  • Ideal for home and travel
  • Flicker-Free LED Bulb
  • Long-life. The battery can be charged around 200 times, lasting about 10 years or more if properly charged and maintained 
  • One charge can last up to 30 days when set to Auto mode; a fully charged battery lasts about 5 hours when set on Steady mode
  • Mounting options including a built-in magnet in back with adhesive metal mounting plate or 3M® double sided mounting adhesive
  • Brightness901 lux 
  • Size: 72mm diameter 25mm wide

TrueLight Luna Red® nighttime redlight is ideal for bathrooms, hallways, nurseries, bedrooms, travel, and camping.  Blue light emitted by standard dark environment lighting can disturb sleep patterns, particularly in young children who utilize a night light throughout the sleeping hours. Our non-blue light-emitting true red (658NM/1001 Kelvin) LEDs will not interfere with melatonin production. You can find your way in the middle of the night without disrupting your sleep/circadian rhythm.  



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