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Water Purifier Crane
Water Purifier Crane

Water Purifier Crane

Water purifier for your crane
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Euro is an elegant and smooth water purifier that takes a bit of space. It's easy to screw and has no hose or wires. Euro can also be attached to water mist nozzle for any occasion. Euro is a high-performance drinking water purifier that uses a test-winning filter material. Not common carbon filter.

It removes all chlorine and dangerous chlorine compounds. It also removes drug residues, chemicals and other things you do not want in their drinking water. See the information page with test results from the Pasteur research institute here!

A very handy, small and effective water purifier that can be screwed onto the kitchen crane. Capacity for the cartridge is 3000 liters, and when you want clean water for drinks, tea, cooking etc, you just twist. Optimum flow is 0.5 l per minute. The cleaner gives a fairly narrow and hard beam at high pressure. One suggestion is to fill a jug of clean water and then have it in the fridge throughout the day.

1 filter is included in the package

Aquamicrotech Nordic AB specializing in just drinking water treatment has a test-winning, high-efficiency filter material, microspiral filter, in its assortment.
This material has several unbeatable advantages:
  • It is an extremely effective method of removing harmful pollutants in the water.
  • No substances are released into the water again, even in the event of pressure shocks in the pipe system.
  • The filter material does not emit any substances, which is otherwise common with other technologies.
  • It is an effective barrier against bacteria, viruses and parasites, as tested by the Pasteur Research Institute.
  • The water retains its natural properties and minerals remain.
  • The filter material is self-indicating and you do not have to worry about when the cartridge needs to be replaced.
  • Cost-effective method. Several hundred times cheaper than bottled water. Just the arrow per liter.Full description of the water purifier can be found here




Filter to water purifier Euro (crane)
Extra filter for water purifier Euro
1701 kr

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