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Bag with Zechsal magnesium refill pack 2 kg

Zechsal magnesium refill pack 2kg

     •   Pure magnesium bath crystals (47% concentration)
     •   100% natural and pure Zechsal quality
     •   Extremely effective magnesium uptake
     •   Totale relaxation before going to sleep
     •   Purifies the skin, effective with skin conditions

Tip: ideal for refilling your jar.

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A dose of ½ to 1 kg is needed for a therapeutic bath that will relax you and soothe your skin. The same dosage is recommended for upkeep of your magnesium balance. After your bath, your skin will feel pleasant and smooth.

In all cases, the recommended bath temperature is 37 °C. Minimum bath time is 20 minutes, while 45 minutes is ideal. Bath frequency depends on your individual need.

Package: 2 kg
Information: Avoid contact with eyes, if contact occurs, rinse carefully with water. Stop usage if skin reaction occurs. For external use only.


Ingredients: 47% magnesium chloride, water.


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