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Global Healing Center

Everyone wants to feel good. Feeling energetic, positive, and physically well every day is one of the keys to a happy life. There isn’t a person on this planet who wants poor health. Yet many factors in the modern world cause a decline in vitality — particularly environmental toxins, poor diet, stress, and lifestyle. The ultimate key to health lies at the heart of Dr. Group’s philosophy and the concept that led him to build Global Healing from the ground.

B12 Blend 2500 mcg 30 doser
Vitamin B12 is a vital nutrient that supports normal energy levels, cardiovascular health, and the...
Detoxadine 30 ml
Organic Nascent Iodine. Supplement
Dr Groups Foot Pads
Dr Groups Foot Pads with natural ingredients.
Latero Flora
Probiotic Supplement - Digestion.
Mycozil 120 capsules
All-Natural formula with herbs and enzymes.
Oregatrex 30 mL + capsules
Oregatrex® Organic Oregano Oil Blend
Oregatrex contains premium, certified organic oregano ...
Oxy Powder 120 kapslar
Oxy-Powder is the all-natural approach to intestinal cleansing. It uses the power of oxygen to gen...
Suntrex D3 60 ml
Organic vegan Vitamin D3, from Lichen
€19 (€26)